Compatibility competition!

We are holding a compatibility competition, to get the last couple of bugs out of the product before it ships! Compatibility for our customers is one of our top priorities for this release – we’d like to make sure your experience on the new runtime and toolset to be great when you use your old projects and executables. We would like feedback from you on a bunch of specific scenarios – and we are willing to provide a C# mug/t-shirt for everyone who provides a compatibility bug that gets fixed! We will collate the results of this in the next month. Interested? More details below –

Scenarios to try.

·       With your application already installed on the machine, install Whidbey and make sure your app continues to work fine. Does your application have any bad behaviour?

·       Assuming your application is using V1.x, force your application to run on .NET FX 2.0 (Whidbey) and make sure it still works.  The easiest way to do this is by dropping a .config file next to the .exe with <requiredRuntime version=”v2.0.50215″ /> in the <startup> section.  (note that v2.0.50215 is Beta 2)

·       Try installing your application on a machine that already has Whidbey on it (make sure your own install logic doesn’t fail) . Does everything seem to work ok?

·       Upgrade your project in Visual Studio.  Were you able to successfully get it recompiled on the new version and executing?  You may hit some “by design” issues when recompiling such as ambiguous overloads. 

A document of known issues can be found at:

More details on entering bugs!

o       We would like the bugs to be entered in the MSDN Product Feedback Center.
o       Please mark each bug for this area with Category = “Compatibility”
o       Please provide your email in the bug and mention this competition so we can follow up with you about prizes!
o       Prizes – We have cool mugs/t-shirts and gift certificates to give out for each fixed bug!
o       The contest runs through Sept 1st.


More information on compatibility can be found at:

o       Jason Zander’s blog entry:
o       Compatibility between .NET Fx 1.1 and .NET FX 2.0 (Whidbey):

o       Testing compatibility:

o       List of breaking changes:


Comments (3)

  1. Jay Cook says:

    We use Windows Media Player in VS2003 and when we ported our code to VS2005 Beta 2 the namespaces generated when using the same Media Player were different. It caused us to make the following changes to our code:

    using Microsoft.MediaPlayer.Interop;

    using AxMicrosoft.MediaPlayer.Interop;


    using AxWMPLib;

    using WMPLib;


    private AxMicrosoft.MediaPlayer.Interop.AxWindowsMediaPlayer mediaPlayer;


    private AxWindowsMediaPlayer mediaPlayer;

    Best of Luck solving this one,


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