Ipod candy

I've resisted the urge to get an Ipod for so long, but this nearly made me change my mind. I'm hovering dangerously on the edge here...

Comments (5)

  1. Paul says:

    Just get a Smartphone or a Pocket PC with a big memory card! More games then you can count then, then you get the bonus of being able to watch video too!

  2. atul says:

    Get a samsung with windows mobile, SPH i300 with 3 GB harddrive

  3. Sven Berger says:

    don’t do it. I bought one and it drives me mad. the itunes software is just so bad. it’s badly written and the features are dreamt up by someone living in LaLa-land.

  4. Adam Young says:

    I agree with Sven – I too used to have an Ipod, but ditched it;

    – iTunes sucks – I’m told it’s good on an Apple Mac, but based on my experience with the Win version, I won’t be rushing to buy a Mac (you’d think that someone at Apple would have the bright idea that they should make their software on Windows *good*, to at least try to lure Win users to their platform – as it stands, iTunes is a bad advert for Apple);

    – You can’t use Media Player with it – frustrating…

    – The iPod itself is very delicate – it scratches way too easily;

    – The sound quality is still not all that – it’s worse than the iRiver Flash player I bought two years ago.

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