C# Status: 5/27/2005

Short status today...

These last two weeks have been a whirlwind ride for our team. We made a huge dent in our bugs to hit our goals for last week. We incentivized the dev team with late night dinners and they pulled through magnificently, fixing a high number of bugs. We feel good about the bugs and more back on track. We are tracking our bugs today to make sure we hit another goal, but so far its looking good.

I've also started thinking about shutdown procedures. There are two models I know of that teams use as you shut down a product and have escalating bars. The first is the distributed triage system - each team does its first level fo triage, then brings the bugs it wants to have fixed to a higher committee where approval is given. The other model is the one triage team model - one group meets daily and triages all the bugs and listens to teams as they bring back bugs for checkins. The second is better around maintaining a steady triage bar, the first better for team decision making. C# is probably going to do the distributed triage system as we shut down, but I'm still enjoying thinking through the pros and cons of each.

Summer has hit hard here, and its been pretty hot. I live near a lake and going swimming in the evenings has become a great rather than an adventure in hypothermia.

Tech Ed is coming up. Many PM's are preparing presentations and doing dry runs on our team.

Enjoy the memorial day weekend!


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