Whats in a name?

So my name tends to be unusual for most people. Shaykat. Its tough for people to pronounce initially (say Share-cut, then repeat but drop the r). However I've noticed an unusual trend recently. People in email type my name as Skaykat. Why?

The keyboard keys between h and k are a little close but its not clear to me that its just a typing error. I wonder if its because people are focusing on saying the k in my name that they jumble it when typing. Anyone got a good suggestion/reason why this could happen?


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  1. When I look at your logon name I immediately think "shakycat". But that’s just me…

  2. I think this has something to do with the fact that the y and the k are together, giving the letters a very angular appearance. When you see the h, it translates into the k, not only because of our association with the letter k (through the alphabet, and the position on the keyboard), but because of the overall number of angles in the letters of the name as well.

  3. saraford says:

    people are always trying to spell my name "sarah". I just tell them my parents were too cheap to pay for the extra letter, and they never get it wrong again. =)

  4. Wilfried says:

    Hi Shaykat,

    It’s a feature of human mind but also a bug 🙂

    To read a word you only need the first and last character in the right place. All other characters has to be more or less right but may even be in wrong sequence. So if your name is not common for someone then he will read another word and /or type another word. eg when I read it first i read Sky… for the Shay, you see ?

    rgds, Wilfried

  5. Philip Rieck says:

    I wish I could give you an explanation. Mispelling names seems to follow it’s own universal and unfathomable rules.

    You’d think that I wouldn’t have a problem with my name (Rieck), since it follows the normal "i before e" rule.

    However, people *always* try to spell it rEIck, switching the e and the i. In fact, even if I spell it out before saying it, people will often type or write it wrong. I’ve had to learn to pause while spelling it "R,i *pause*, e,c,k". I can’t explain it but it seems to be universal.

  6. shaykatc says:

    Thanks for the comments! I dig the fact that there might be a rational explanation out there, and others run into this too.

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