C# Status 5/4/2005

Wowie zowie, what a fun week we have ahead of us.

Yesterday, our release folks came to a collective decision that yes, we are slightly off track on our bug goals - enough to be a concern but not alarming. We sat around & discussed corrective measures. Our conclusion was that we were going to bring in dinners for the team this week to encourage them to fix that extra bug & encourage the team to start focusing on bug fixing as much as possible. The dev team also planned to do some load balancing which helped the situation. The results for the last two days have been great - our bug checkins have gone up and we are doing a much better job on our bugs.

We also have a goal to catch up on our Priority 1 bugs every Friday - all those bugs opened before the Wednesday. We came close last week, and we plan to hit it again this Friday. QA also caught up on our resolved bug backlog and either closed them once they verified the bug had been fixed, or reactivated them.

The PM team is working this week on reviewing docs. We've assigned about 240 topics among us and spend time this week reviewing topics in our docs like "How do I do debugging". We are uncovering some good bugs on the content and the help experience as we go along. If you happen to have comments or concerns around the documentation or help in the Beta2 product, please comment or file bugs!

We are spending a good amount of time working on Tech Ed Presentations among the team - half the team has a presentation coming up soon.



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