Ipod candy

I’ve resisted the urge to get an Ipod for so long, but this nearly made me change my mind. I’m hovering dangerously on the edge here…


Card Game Starter Kit aka "Play more Blackjack" released!

We just released the Card Game starter kit, a new starter kit for Beta2 here. Its a blackjack game…check it out! Karen on our team has been hard at work getting this out of the door and fixing bugs in it all week. The VB version will be releasing soon. Shaykat


C# Status: 5/27/2005

Short status today… These last two weeks have been a whirlwind ride for our team. We made a huge dent in our bugs to hit our goals for last week. We incentivized the dev team with late night dinners and they pulled through magnificently, fixing a high number of bugs. We feel good about the…


Xbox 360 interview

Engadget, a cool tech blog I’m just discovering has an interview with Steve Ballmer and Robbie Back about Xbox 360. Check it out here. Overall I think Steve kept his cards close to his chest. I’ve been fascinated by all the developing news around comparisons between the Xbox360, Nintendo Revolution and PS3. The console market…


Whats in a name?

So my name tends to be unusual for most people. Shaykat. Its tough for people to pronounce initially (say Share-cut, then repeat but drop the r). However I’ve noticed an unusual trend recently. People in email type my name as Skaykat. Why? The keyboard keys between h and k are a little close but its…


C# Status: 5/11/2005

Last week we rocked on bugs. The dev team kicked it up a notch and started fixing bugs to hit their goals. Along with that we fixed all our bugs that were marked Pri1 and opened greater than 48 hours than Friday. It was pretty cool. On the downside our QA team had a one…


The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process.

Ever seen the error in the title…the one that happens when you rebuild your project in VS and it says: Error 1 Could not write to output file Foo.exe’ –‘The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process. ‘ This is a very frustrating error that many users have complained to…


C# IDE community chat in an hour!

Our IDE team is having a community chat in an hour from now (1.00 PM P.S.T)! These are the guys who added refactoring to the C# editor, thought about and added all sorts of cool new intellisense features, snippets to the editor etc. I wont give away too much, but this would be a great…


C# Status 5/4/2005

Wowie zowie, what a fun week we have ahead of us. Yesterday, our release folks came to a collective decision that yes, we are slightly off track on our bug goals – enough to be a concern but not alarming. We sat around & discussed corrective measures. Our conclusion was that we were going to…


Ever wondered what our stats are for Product Feedback bugs?

Rusty, our test manager takes care of managing our customer feedback bugs from the MSDN product feedback center. He has a great post here on our stats. He compares the fixes we made for customer bugs vs. internal bugs and its interesting to see those numbers. I personally think we have a low fix rate for…