C# Status: 4/25/2005

C# status skipped a week last week. Sorry about that. Mon and Tues of last week, we had the C# Strategic Design Review (SDR), where we bring in a couple of customers from different parts of the industry and show them general ideas about where we want to go with our future products. Then we note down their feedback and try to incorporate it into the product. This is a good way to make sure we are solving customer problems and last weeks feedback was good. It was also good to hear our customers tell us about problems they run into and have our entire team be there to listen to it, rather than just the PM's or the managers.

Last week was a short week for most of us too, as we got Friday off as a reward for shipping Beta2. It was a much welcome break for me - I find myself feeling pretty refreshed and good to go this week when last week I felt out of touch. I was a little sick too which didnt help the cause much.

Jay set up an excellent meeting today - we discussed our bug counts which are slightly over where our weekly goals are. Our weekly goals if plotted on a chart would show a steep slope that flattens out. We are still in the steep part and a little over and so we had a quick tete a tete with our plans and where we were. The net result was that the team that was over had a couple of big issues to tackle the last couple of weeks and wanted the next two weeks to target their goals. We felt this was reasonable and are going to wait and see how they go. But over the next week or two we will be watching the bug counts like hawks.

We also raise the bars on bugs this week by planning from this Friday on our team hits zero Pri1 bugs. This ensures that the high impact bugs are fixed and kept low until we ship this product. Also we plan to have 0 Pri1 bugs that have been resolved by developers but unverified that they have actually been fixed by developers. That means every Friday all Pri1 bugs that have been resolved will have been checked to have been fixed or reactivated.

Last week, one of the issues we worried about with the Beta2 release was you experience if you installed Beta2 on a machine that had Beta1. A clean uninstall of Beta1 makes Beta2 work much better...the steps are here. Additional troubleshooting links can be found on the post here.

Do you have non schedule related questions about our process? Let me know!



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