C# Status: 4/11/2004

A number of people have asked about Beta2 and I've seen discussion about it. Im trying to figure out how much I can talk about it and in how much detail...but its close.

Our team has been working hard to meet its bug goal for this week. While techinically we missed it this week, it was because we had a chunk of Prefix bugs on one team. Prefix is software that we use that dynamically checks our code and lets us know of potential bugs in it. We do this to maintain code quality. Sometimes though Prefix reports false positives which arent security issues. We expect this chunk to be a set of false positives and to go away once the team gets a chance to look at them.

We are also cranking away on sewing up our high risk code changes (or DCR's - Design Change Requests) for this milestone. The division approved a couple of security changes one of which we checked in last week. This week we are going to review two newer issues and see whether we want to fix them or not. Our internal C# only date for getting these done is 4/15 and so far its served as a great goal for teams to shoot for.

Today and tomorrow we have a quarterly community review with C# management. This gives us some time to check out what we've done and refocus our efforts. Todays review went over our MSDN website, our marketing details & our blog posts. So far its going well, with one of the outcomes being that we need to focus our team better on community. We've been doing a ton of things so far, with the result that the PM team is overburdened. We are going to look at ways to use our resources better on community activities, and how to spread it across our team better.





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  1. anon says:

    Don’t u mean 4/11/2005 instead of 4/11/2004? 🙂

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