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I was recently going over our MSDN developer center page at http://msdn.microsoft.com/vcsharp and happened to stop by the tools page at: http://msdn.microsoft.com/vcsharp/team/tools/default.aspx

I was considering how to update it, when I thought I would ask the community instead - are there new tools that you use, that arent on this page, that you think should be?

Send us some feedback...


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  1. Eran Kampf says:

    Check out Sharp3D.Math availble at http://www.ekampf.com/Sharp3D.Math/

    Its an open source C# math and geometry library.

  2. Shaykat,

    check out the ‘del’ command. it is extremly helpful in ‘repairing’ the c# intellisense every so often, because one can easily delete all those offending obj, sbr etc. files with it.

    also ‘reboot.exe’ is helpful for unlocking those dlls that are locked by the c# ide.

    oh, and theres ‘restore’. you can use it to restore backups after the c# forms editor has garbled up the source to the form.

    unfortunately, even after 2 years, there’s still no ‘servicepack.exe’ that makes these cool tools obsolete.


    thomas woelfer

  3. Jeff Parker says:

    one of the newer ones, I have come across that i really like is SharpTools


    There are a bunch of cool tools and some nice little apps like blog reader that plugs into VS and so on.

  4. James Hebben says:

    An amazingly easy to use .Net profiler by RedGate the I use and often recommend.


  5. I think VG.net should be there, for people that create animated graphics.


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