How well do you think the C# team fares w.r.t community?

I took a break last week. Along with late night sessions upto 3am playing Halo2 co-op on legendary with my younger brother (we finished about 6-7 levels), I also thought a ton about the C# teams community effort.

Last year, Eric did an amazing job in getting us more involved in the community. Some things we did:

  • We got into blogging in a big way. Posts by Cyrus, Jay, Eric were big.
  • We had 2-3 SDR's (or software development reviews) where we showed bits early in the product cycle to early adopters and got their feedback.
  • We began a more coherent approach to our presence at conferences.
  • We spent more time organizing and scheduling chats.   
  • We established better content on our dev centers.
  • ...

Last year we did a bunch of experimentation around what our activities are. But over the break, I couldnt help but feel that we dont really know how good we are doing. I checked out and wondered - are we still faceless with our community? How do you guys feel the c# team is doing with respect to making your lives easier, in being transparent with its decisions? Give us a grade, A-F. Let me know why.

Where I'm going with this is to make sure we are doing the right things for you. The C# team is a bounded set of resources and given a large number of ways to make our community better, we need to focus on the big stuff. If you think we are faceless, we can fix that. If you think the stuff we did last year was fun, but we didnt really address more code samples...well let me know. If you think the msdn product feedback center is a good idea but we dont give great responses...I have a willing ear.




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  1. Zee says:

    The "dev centers" link breaks.

  2. Grade: B

    In my opinion, I first got interested in the community just by using C#, it is my favorite language ever (I’ve done C/C++, Java, COBOL, Fortran, etc…). As I used C# more and more, it wasn’t very hard to find a thriving .NET community. MSDN provides a lot of community resources with things like chats and blogs. All a person needs to do is search for it. One problem I have with MSDN blogs (I read the main MSDN feed) is the sheer volume of blogs and posts. Maybe the MSDN blogs should be broken down better by categoriy?

  3. Shaykatc says:

    Zee – The dev centers link is fixed – thanks for noticing that.

  4. Keith Hill says:

    I think the team is doing a great job. I have participated in several web chats on C# 2.0 and even 3.0. There’s lots of good info on MS blogs on C#. Ladybug has been great. Keep up the good work.

  5. doug says:

    RE: "I checked out and wondered – are we still faceless with our community?"

    As Matt Selnekovic says, this is all about C#. I’m not looking for group hugs. I sense that you’re looking for measureable improvements to the community by which to benchmark your performance.

    The community is made up of excited users such as myself. I can’t just complain. If I’m bored, I’m part of the problem!

    Bottom line: I think the C# community is healthy because the language keeps me coming back.

    I DO find that I did a lot of ritual surfing in of sites that all too often referred back to Eric’s stuff that I’d already read (first). But I’m ruthless enough to stop checking stagnant sites. However, I often wonder if I’m missing good new blogs that I just haven’t noticed yet. I guess I’m getting back to Matt’s earlier post. Except I wonder if they aren’t TOO fragmented.

  6. John says:

    Eric’s departure from the team seems to have left a hole in blogspace that has yet to be filled.

  7. Shaykat says:

    Doug & John thanks for the feedback…

    John – what specific information do you think we lack in the blogosphere with Erics departure?

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  9. Joku says:

    I think the last post is spam..

    I like the page. However I would consider following improvements:

    Make a new blog into, called C# teams blog or whatever. This blog would serve same function as the above page, except: It would contain all the non-personal (work related) bloggings from the C# team inviduals blogs combined into one blog feed. The duplicates appearing in this blog would not duplicate into the main feed/front page. This cental C# page would also contain upcoming c# chat schedules, links to C# related channel9 content, and perhaps channel 9 would have a c# forum for talking, which would be more integrated with the c# blog central, with different color theme.. – just because i do not like the channel 9 colors – lol 😉

    Also there is a ton of not-well categorized information under – which you can only find if you know exact keyword that appears in the message.. Where is all the meta data describing the msdn blogs content? When writing blogs, before submitting the entry you should give some meta data about what you wrote, otherwise people may not find the thing later – this sucks about blogs when used a lot for technical information that people may want to find later..

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