And today we have selected blog reads by Dan and Shaykat…

Two days ago, Dan Fernandez, our marketing dude dropped by my office for a meeting. We got to joking around and in a flash of insight, I pulled up his blog and proceeded to read some of his blogs in my most plaintive, pleading voice. Luke was also in the office, and both Dan and Luke were laughing away. Not to be outdone, Dan brings up my posting on Free Debuggers and reads it out to me and Luke, in what can only be described as an pleading, naive schoolboyish tone. We were clutching our sides laughing away! Some time we probably need to have a team blog off.

Then we got to work.

Comments (2)

  1. The sad part about this is that knowing the three of you, I can envision it all perfectly.

    Dorks, all of you =)

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