Community Technology Preview of Whidbey

Last week was a stressful week as we worked on closing down the Community Technology Preview. We had a small fire drill as we ran up against interesting things that can happen on large software projects, but I'llleave that anecdote for later. As I've been relaxing, I've been looking with interest at feedback on it, both on newsgroups and blogs such as Matt Hawley's.

We on the C# team are super interested in your feedback. Got stuff you like or dont like about the community drop? Can we answer quickly what a specific C# feature does? Let us know over newsgroups, or just send me feedback over my blog (please leave an email address I can contact you at). More detailed answers requiring repros or research might take more time to answer, so have some patience. We hope you like the product.

The MSDN page on the drop is at: The readme is pretty informative too.


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  1. Hi Kent,

    I live in Switzerland so it is very unlikely that I will be going to any of the conferences in the US this year. Also I am not an MSDN subscriber. However, I was at the PDC and so I have the PDC Whidbey DVD. How do I get hold of the Community Technology Preview.



  2. shaykatc says:

    Hmm, I’m not Kent, but I think I can answer your question 🙂 PDC subscribers should be getting the CD mailed to them. There will be more information up at: soon about availability.

  3. Blair says:

    You can download it from the Subscriber downloads (MSDN).

  4. I’m really excited at getting the new version, but it’s really, really buggy. I was hoping to do some real work with it, but it seems to crash a lot :(.

    ASP.NET 2 looks great, but I hate the new deployment model (I despise partial classes for the ASPX pages, and want my old-style compile code, deploy content model).

    The refactorings that work for C# are sweeeeeet. 🙂 I’ll give it another shot in a few days and see what’s up.

    P.S.: Is the splash screen messed up on everyone’s machine, or just mine (the icons aren’t drawn correctly).

  5. I played around with it all weekend and could not be more fired up about it! The only real issue that annoyed me was that my cursor seemed to randomly move after issuing refactoring commands or autolist-members performed an autocomplete. It seems a little cluttered with the autofill-command feature (probably not its real name), but that’s probably pilot error and I just need to get used to it.

    Bottom line: It’s outstanding and I’m loving it!

  6. Brett says:

    What is the best way to forward back feedback on desired features / bugs / etc?

    I have been looking for something more formal than … well posting on someones blog 😉

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