Visual Studio 2003 tip #1: Stop the solution explorer flashiness when opening a project!

A quick note on why I blog about Visual Studio 2003 aka Everett -

  • Its a released product so devs are probably interested in knowing its power features and tips and tricks.

  • I was heavily involved in getting it released for the C# team, so I have a somewhat sentimental attachment to the product.

Ok, so onto tip#1. One of the complaints we got in Vs7 was that if you had a multi project solution, with many files open in it and you reload the solution, the solution explorer just flashes around for a while. This is happening because the project system tracks the active file as it opens it and it scrolls back and forth among the files in the solution explorer giving it this flashy appearance. A number of customers complained about this, so we provided a setting to turn it off. This is under Tools.Options.Environment.Projects and Solutions.Track Active item in Solution explorer. Go ahead and uncheck that. Voila, less eye strain.



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  1. Frans Bouma says:

    hmm. I have that unchecked for ages, but when I load a 10 project solution that’s in sourcesafe, the solution explorer flashes a lot. Not that it bothers me, I just wondered why unchecking that checkbox isn’t limiting the flashing here… 🙂

  2. And on another note: what am I giving up by turning that option off?

  3. Don says:

    Now it no long screws up my solution explorer every time I switch tabs!

    You have soooo made my day!

  4. shaykatc says:

    Ah, ok. To answer Frans & Michaels questions – perhaps by flashiness Frans you mean the redraw that happens when you open a large project? I realized that my posting is unclear – the flashiness that I refer to is the different files being highlighted as the editor cycles through them to open them.

    Thats essentially what Track Active Item does – when you select a file tab in the editor, it highlights the file in solution explorer. So when you open all these files, the highlight goes back and forth, and opens projects that may be closed – causing a flashiness. When you turn the setting off, the active file isnt selected in the editor anymore.

  5. This option when it was introduced made working with large solutions something that was possible again.

    Often I’d scroll to the top of the solution explorer to find a file in a folder that I wanted to paste in some text to. Goto the file I had open in the editor to do my Copy operation…. bang my solution explorer was now miles away from where I was navigating too and had ‘synced’ to the item in the editor.

    What would be amazing would be the ability to one time sync the solution explorer to the active document in the editor. A button or something callable by macro code. I think I’ve mentioned this to another blogger that said it wouldn’t be in for the next version, but perhaps the next.

  6. John S. says:

    Chris’ request seems like a candidate for a dev studio macro to me..

  7. Dennis R. says:

    Is there any way to improve the scroilling performace of the class view? Scrolling class view in a project with several hundred classes is excruciatingly sloooow…

  8. Anonymous says:

    LSN WebLog » Shaykat’s Visual Studio 2003 Tips

  9. tony says:

    yes I aggree.

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