pIqaD Font for Bing’s Klingon Translator

[Halloween, 2013, updated link, Bing fixed the script code for pIqaD] People have asked me where to get a pIqaD font to use with Bing’s Klingon Translator http://www.bing.com/translator/?from=en&to=tlh-Qaak&text=Hello%20Earth,%20I%20made%20the%20font That’s actually a font I made.  (I’m not a font designer, so it has some rough spots, but it seems to work for most purposes). The pIqaD…


Bing Translator, Klingon High Council, and Klingon Language Institute announce support for Klingon as a Bing Translator Option!

The Bing Translator folks have announced support for Klingon as a translator option.   This was also proclaimed by the Klingon High Council. I’ve blogged about making a Windows Klingon Custom Locale and Klingon font fallback for the Windows 8 lock screen, and now you can translate all those Klingon web pages too! You’ll never guess who gave them the font 😉 -Shawn  


Klingon Win8 Lock Screen: Might Sell Qurgh on Win8 After All :)

A while ago I blogged about Klingon in pIqaD in a Custom Locale – that worked OK in Vista & Win7 using Uniscribe font fallback, but Win8 uses DWrite in a lot of places, and DWrite really would prefer EUDC (End User Defined Character) fallback.  So my pIqaD didnʻt work so hot on Win8 🙁  Fortunately…


The Square Boxes in My Blog’s Title

Someone pointed out the boxes in my blog’s title.  That’s a script some fans use for Klingon, but since it’s not in Unicode, you need a pIqaD font to see it correctly.  If you really want to see the square boxes, then grab the pIqaD.ttf font from the .zip in my earlier post: http://blogs.msdn.com/shawnste/archive/2006/02/17/klingon-in-piqad-windows-vista-custom-locale.aspx  You…


 

A helpful reader pointed out I don’t really know Klingon. PS. I just checked out your blog (very nice by the way, lots of stuff I need to read) and I noticed along the top of the page you have  (jItlhInganbe’) for “I’m not a Klingon”. The translation your looking for would be …


Klingon in pIqaD Windows Vista Custom Locale

[Updated 11 Aug 2006, changed tlh-pIqaD-US names to reflect IETF standard] Cool, they let us post files now I’ll have to try that out.  The example only works for Windows Vista, although the culture would work for Microsoft .Net 2.0. Creating a custom locale for a script that isn’t in one of the existing system…