pIqaD Font for Bing’s Klingon Translator

[Halloween, 2013, updated link, Bing fixed the script code for pIqaD]

People have asked me where to get a pIqaD font to use with Bing's Klingon Translator http://www.bing.com/translator/?from=en&to=tlh-Qaak&text=Hello%20Earth,%20I%20made%20the%20font

That's actually a font I made.  (I'm not a font designer, so it has some rough spots, but it seems to work for most purposes).

The pIqaD font is licensed under the Microsoft Public License (MS-PL).

I've attached a zip with an updated version of the font.  Both a ttf font to install locally, and a woff file if you want to embed it in a web site.  It's called "pIqaD", so you'll have to pick that to use it in Word or whatever.


pIqaD Font.zip

Comments (3)

  1. BTW, when you see the font preview it doesn't show the Klingon glyphs.  You have to install the font and then use the codepoints from Michael Everson's conscript registry, http://www.evertype.com/…/klingon.html

    If you install the font and either hook up the font linking fallback or copy this somewhere and select pIqaD, then   should render "correctly"

  2. (Follow the earlier Klingon links blogs.msdn.com/…/klingon to enable the font fallback)

  3.  says:

    I already have a font called "pIqaD" on my system.

    Are you able to call yours something else? Maybe include "bing" in the title to help us remember it's the pIqaD font on bing?

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