Bing Translator, Klingon High Council, and Klingon Language Institute announce support for Klingon as a Bing Translator Option!

The Bing Translator folks have announced support for Klingon as a translator option.   This was also proclaimed by the Klingon High Council.

I've blogged about making a Windows Klingon Custom Locale and Klingon font fallback for the Windows 8 lock screen, and now you can translate all those Klingon web pages too!

You'll never guess who gave them the font 😉



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  1. Hey Shawn, I just discovered your blog today – very informative.  Can't wait to try out your Klingon Win8 Lock Screen tutorial!  So I know Klingon (being a constructed language) doesn't have a Windows LCID, but…

    I've been looking at getting Microsoft Translator to translate into Klingon within the Microsoft Word Research pane.  I've been focusing on this area of the registry…



    "ProviderName"="Microsoft® Translator: European and Middle Eastern Languages"









    "ServiceName"="Bulgarian – Catalan (Text)"


    "Description"="Microsoft® Translator – text translations: Bulgarian – Catalan."

    "TermsOfUse"="All Content Copyright (c) 2007/2008."







    —– END EXCERPT —-

    …and it seems to me that the value I need to focus on is "SourceData" as it contains the hex values for the languages (e.g. so the value of "1026/1027/1" above reads as "0x1026 = Bulgarian, 0x1027 = Catalan, and I'm assuming the "1" means translate selected text, whereas a "2" would translate the whole document.)

    I'm guessing Word then uses the "QueryPath" value to construct an http request something like "…/httpquery.aspx.  Obviously, based on such a construct I can't use the ISO 639 "tlh" language code, so now I'm wondering if the folks at Bing have some super secret LCID hidden in their database that I could reference to perform Klingon translation… any suggestions?  (Not urgent, I don't have any papers due for submission to the High Council anytime soon.)

    Appreciate your insights, Brody.

  2. Hmm, I didn't know you could do that.  I've been telling everyone NOT to use LCIDs, so hopefully there isn't some super-secret LCID thingy.  I'll ping the Bing folks, but from what you said you might be stuck.

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