Testing for NLS sorting/collation behavior changes when calling JetAttachDatabase

The JetAttachDatabase function’s JET_bitDbDeleteCorruptIndexes and JET_bitDbDeleteUnicodeIndexes options help assist applications in upgrading indexes due to underlying OS collation/sorting behavior changes. When the operating system’s Unicode sorting version changes, that changes the behavior of collation of the system.  In those cases, database indexes need to be reindexed in order to ensure that they are accurate.  Fortunately…


pIqaD Font for Bing’s Klingon Translator

[Halloween, 2013, updated link, Bing fixed the script code for pIqaD] People have asked me where to get a pIqaD font to use with Bing’s Klingon Translator http://www.bing.com/translator/?from=en&to=tlh-Qaak&text=Hello%20Earth,%20I%20made%20the%20font That’s actually a font I made.  (I’m not a font designer, so it has some rough spots, but it seems to work for most purposes). The pIqaD…


Bing Translator, Klingon High Council, and Klingon Language Institute announce support for Klingon as a Bing Translator Option!

The Bing Translator folks have announced support for Klingon as a translator option.   This was also proclaimed by the Klingon High Council. I’ve blogged about making a Windows Klingon Custom Locale and Klingon font fallback for the Windows 8 lock screen, and now you can translate all those Klingon web pages too! You’ll never guess who gave them the font 😉 -Shawn