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A helpful reader pointed out I don't really know Klingon.

PS. I just checked out your blog (very nice by the way, lots of stuff I need to read) and I noticed along the top of the page you have  (jItlhInganbe') for "I'm not a Klingon". The translation your looking for would be   (tlhIngan jIHbe' - I am not a Klingon).

Thanks, fixed it 🙂  As I said, I'm not a Klingon, and had a terrible time finding something to work for "am" in The Klingon Dictionary or one of the on-line lessons I found.

Although that's kind of like one of those odd things that always strikes me as funny when traveling. 

Me: "Can you tell me where a good restaurant is?"
Native: "Sorry, I don't speak English". (Sometimes even without an accent)

Hmm.  I'll continue to have to rely on others for Klingon translations 🙂

- Shawn
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Comments (5)

  1. Douglas says:

    I though Klingon was similar to Russian in regards to the be verb, it doesn’t have one?? be am is etc.

    could be wrong as I haven’t looked at Klingon in close to 15 years.

  2. Mihai says:

    Would also be nice to have a note saying somethingthing like


    The Klingon characters on this page are in the Private Use Area, which is not a good internationalization practice 🙂

    And if you don’t have the proper font and the proper registry magic, you will just see null glyphs 🙂


  3. Re: verb usage:  I’m not a Klingon, so I could only quote TKD (The Klingon Dictionary).

  4. Re: Fonts.  

    I’m obstinate about using pIqaD from the conscript mappings in the little Klingon that I do/don’t use because pIqaD isn’t in Unicode at least partially because the Klingon user community doesn’t use it very often.  Yet apparently that community would also like it to be in Unicode, so its sort of a chicken-and-the-egg thing.  

    There’s something about the fonts though on this page that gives me square boxes too.  The blog software we use didn’t let me muck with the title’s fonts very well.  I suppose I could look at the css and see if there’s something smarter I could get it to do.

  5. I did post stuff about using pIqaD in Vista (& Windows 7) at


    If you appropriately tag the fonts on a web site you don’t really need the registry stuff, its just that either this blog engine doesn’t like my font tags very well, or I haven’t found the right setting in the .css to make it work.

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