The FUD of IDN and Homographs

I was pointed to this article about IDN and homographs, which points out that most of the fear around IDN and phishing is unfounded.  Seemed like a good reference (thanks, Mark), so I’m forwarding.  (For some reason Mark used a different translation engine though). Cross-tagged with EAI since the same concerns about homographs and phishing…


SetLocaleInfo() is horrid, don’t use it!

I just ran into a bug with SetLocaleInfo() use, and it pretty much reminded me that SetLocaleInfo() stinks.  Michael said it years ago and it’s still true. The only thing it’s useful for is a “Regional and Language Options” type app, and there’s already one of those in the control panel 🙂   Some apps try…


IDNA2008 / IDNAbis on Windows 7, Vista, Net, etc.

Some people have asked what they should do to support IDNA2008 on Microsoft platforms.  We provide IdnToAscii() and related functions in the Windows SDK.  That’s available natively on Vista+, and through idndl.dll on earlier platforms.  Idndl is shipped with IE 7, or through “Microsoft Internationalized Domain Names (IDN) Mitigation APIs” at the Microsoft Download Center….


Visual Studio 2010 and .Net v4 Beta released

If you go to there’s now a Visual Studio 2010 and .Net v4 beta page.  The betas are a good place to learn about new releases and provide feedback. -Shawn


Missing International Setting Registry Key?

Some Zune users ran into a strange problem and it seems like the Nation Value in HKEY_CURRENT_USERControl PanelInternationalGeo isn’t there on some Windows XP machines.  That seems really wierd to me because if the International key is missing I’d expect odd behavior from the machine.  We get the user locale from there, so that’s not…


A Cool Hard Drive Fix

Well, I should say all the caveats like “don’t try this at home,” and “it’ll destroy your data,” and “this is a stupid thing to do,” and “don’t try this with data you really need, use a professional data recovery service,” but… At home I have a Windows Home Server, which is really cool way…


Japanese Calendars, How do I Test Support for Additional Eras?

The Japanese Calendar is labeled by the reign of the current emporer.  Windows has supported 4 Japanese calendar Eras, however in the future there may be more eras.  Realizing this, we’ve added support in Windows 7, Server 2008R2 & .Net v4 for additional Japanese Eras. There’re a few things applications should know about extended Japanese…


Oversimplification of EAI/IMA (International eMail Addresses)

A couple months ago I blogged about EAI Email Address Internationalization/Internationalized Email Addresses (EAI/IMA) and felt like blogging again. China’s been very interested in non-ASCII email addresses for some time, and is working hard to adopt the EAI standard.  I’ve heard a target of November 2009 for that standard. briefly addresses EAI. Oversimplification of EAI The…


What is Title Case?

Disclaimer: I’m not an English teacher (that’s my mom), so I’m sure my description of title casing in English probably has exceptions/variations. Title casing has an interesting history in computer programming.  Programmers like to use CamelCase to make variable names more readable, and, particularly amongst developers native to some languages, there’s an idea that title…


Alternate encoding names recognized by .Net / IE

If you run the sample from then you can get a list of what Microsoft .Net thinks each Encoding/Code Page’s name is.  (WebName is more consistent to what’s used in charset). eg: using System;using System.Text;public class SamplesEncoding{   public static void Main()   {      // For every encoding, get the property values.      foreach( EncodingInfo ei in Encoding.GetEncodings()…