Keyboard Layout Creator for Vista released.

Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator version 1.4 has now been released.  See for the download.

Thanks Michael for making this happen 🙂  Michael blogs about his work here:


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  1. Kate says:

    I own a small business running 5 comps running XP Prof. We often use the MUI packs to localize XP. Now Vista Business is a logical upgrade to XP Pro for small businesses. But it does not contain MUI features from what I’ve read. Only Enterprise edition has those and EE is not available except for Volume license customers. Is Microsoft concerned about small businesses. I hope you’ll forward this to the concerned people at MS.

  2. Not exactly a keyboard comment :).  I’m not on the MUI team, but that sounds like what I’ve heard.  It seems that Ultimate might work.  What are you using MUI for?

  3. I tried installing MKLC 1.4 on my friends Vista computer and after installing it, the applications interface failed to display properly.  The main part of the window just appears grey with only a few widgets near the bottom.  If I click on new, nothing visible happens and if I Load Existing Keyboard, the selection list of keyboards is larger than the displayable area.  I can’t scroll down far enough to find US.  Also loading other keyboards does nothing.  This makes MKLC somewhat useless, are there still compatibility issues with MKLC and Vista?

  4. Try Michaels blog 🙂

    I’ll pass it on, I haven’t played with it much.

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