says it is dedicated to the promotion of Native North American languages.  A coworker ran into this site while she was trying to learn more about the Lakota language (and she made a Lakota custom locale too! 🙂  I don’t know much about the site, but apparently there are keyboards and other things that might…


Cantonese and Manderin language tagging.

The IETF “Language Tag Registry Update” working group has noted that lots of data is tagged as “zh-Hant”, regardless of whether or not it is pronounced as Cantonese or Manderin.  For video and audio however, this doesn’t allow a fine enough distinction, and so the LTRU is working on revising RFC 4646/4647 and the registry to…


zh-Hans, zh-Hant and the "old" zh-CHS, zh-CHT

With Windows Vista and Microsoft .Net 2.0 (MS07-040 security patch) and 3.0+, we’ve started to use the IETF standard “zh-Hans”, and “zh-Hant” names for Chinese simplified and traditional.  In windows the zh-CHS/zh-CHT names were never used because the named APIs are new to Vista.  Also in Silverlight we don’t use the old names since Silverlight…


Michael has a blog about converting apps from ANSI to Unicode

Lots of apps are now Unicode, but some need to make the shift from ANSI (like Japanese shift-jis) to Unicode.  Michael has a series of blog posts about a project conversion. I recently had a customer question about removing a shift_jis dependency and moving to Unicode, so I thought I’d blog about it, but…


How do you make your regional and language options apply to new user accounts?

In general its a good idea to allow users to choose appropriate settings, but being able to adjust the default user account settings to provide users with an appropriate default locale is often helpful.  Also one cannot easily change the system account’s settings.  The Regional and Language Options Control Panel (intl.cpl) has an administrative tab that…


Are we going to update or maintain the best fit &/or code page mappings?

People wonder if we’re going to update our best fit code page mappings, or even our code page mappings.  The answer is no.  Changing character mappings causes difficulties for applications and our experience has been that doing so breaks as much as it “fixes”.  We’d prefer applications move to Unicode, then you don’t have to…


What’s a genitive month name anyway?

I’m not a linguistic expert, so I’ll probably get this a bit wrong, but basically a genitive month name is used when there’s a number next to the month name. This doesn’t happen in English, but I think of it sort of like instead of saying “1 April 2008”, using “1 of April 2008”, where…

"Windows Vista Command Line Configuration of International Settings" is on-line on MSDN

Generally its a good idea to let the users figure out their international settings, but sometimes they need to be managed in a command-line manner.  Windows Vista Command Line Configuration of International Settings at describes how to manage the international settings from the command line


Locale Builder Beta 2 is Available

The long awaited Microsoft Locale Builder Beta 2 is now available for immediate download at So now you too can (again) make a Klingon or Hawaiian or Fijiian or whatever your favorite locale is for Windows Vista.


UTF-16, UTF-8 & UTF-32 update to conform with Unicode 5.0’s security concerns.

My post Change to Unicode Encoding for Unicode 5.0 conformance now applies to .Net 2.0 with MS07-040 applied.  Updates include a list of known issues, please see the list of known issues for MS07-040 described in KB 931212 for more information.  KB 940521 describes this behavior in pandrticular.  This fix reduces the chance of spoofing…