Some custom locale examples.

Here're some custom locale examples in various formats (1.8 MB .zipped download).

These are to be used at your own risk.  They are basically locales I used for testing and playing around with.  They probably have serious errors and were basically selected randomly.  Any mistakes are mine.  You are free to use or change these, but I cannot vouch for their accuracy, so use care if you want to use them.

valley-GIRL - Like, you already know this locale.  Micheal Kaplan asked me to include this one.
chr-US - Cherokee that I was playing with for non-Latn fonts
eo-US - Esperanto (United States)
fj-FJ - Michael kept using Fijiian (Fiji) as a sample, so I had to make one.  I expect that the formatting values could be wrong.
en-FJ - "The Web" told me that English is also spoken in Fiji, and frankly that was easier.
haw-US - Hawaiian - I have a Hawaiian coworker and needed test data.
tlh-Latn-US - Klingon (Latin script) - Just for fun.
tlh-pIqaD-US - Klingon (pIqaD script) - Just for more fun.
qps-ploc - Pseudolocalized with custom sort (see Pseudo Locales in Windows Vista Beta 2)

- Shawn

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  1. I asked Shawn if he could include the Valley Girl locale in his collection of some custom locale samples

  2. ikk says:


    Esperanto! 🙂

  3. I’ve blogged about Vista custom locales / .Net custom cultures. Here’s an index of some of the more interesting

  4. Aloha Shawn, I’m the technology coordinator for the College of Hawaiian Language at UH-Hilo, and worked with Apple six years ago to get Hawaiian support into OS X. I had contacted someone at MS a few years ago, think it was Daniel Kamana’o (a Hawaiian) to see about getting the same kind of support for Hawaiian. I lost track of it, and apparently the support never made it into Vista. I’d be happy to work with you or whoever to get Hawaiian an official support language in Windows. I’ll check back here or contact me at donaghy (at) hawaii (dot) edu.

    In the meantime I’ll download your file and see what you have. I’ve been doing Hawaiian localizations for about 15 years, so hope we have most of the info it would need.

  5. I’d be happy to have feedback about the Hawaiian (or any other language) custom locale example.

  6. MSDN has a new Code Gallery feature for samples, so I stuck these (and more) custom locales in a new project at:

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