Vista changes .Net 2.0 Locale Names, sample work around custom cultures/locales

[10 July 2007] The recent security patch to .Net changed the behavior on other Windows versions as well (XP, 2003, 2000).  If your application still requires the old names this workaround might work for you. In order to follow RFC 4646 more closely (formerly RFC 3066 bis) we changed managed locale names in Windows Vista. …


Example of overriding your own Encoding.

Previously I wrote about the Best Way to Make Your Own Encoding, but didn’t include an example, so today I’m including an example of a replacement Encoding.  I also included an EncoderFallback example, which replaces unknown characters with numerical entity style replacements (〹).  This example isn’t complete.  If you need Encoder or Decoder functionality you’d have to…


Rambling about RFC 4690 and IDN

There’s a reasonably new RFC 4690 ( ) that raises a bunch of questions about IDN names and Unicode regarding such things as confusable characters and other issues.  Some of those are also discussed in Unicode TR36 “Unicode Security Considerations” One thing that confuses me about the discussion regarding IDN’s weaknesses is that most of…


RFC 3066 has been replaced by RFC 4646

I’ve mentioned RFC 3066, which describes locale names such as en-US, in some posts.  Its now finally been superseded by RFC 4646.