List of "ANSI" code pages used by Windows.

These are the "ANSI" code pages that could be used by CP_ACP. Other code pages should not appear as "ANSI" code pages in Windows.

874 windows-874 ANSI/OEM Thai (same as 28605); Thai (Windows)
932 shift_jis ANSI/OEM Japanese; Japanese (Shift-JIS)
936 gb2312 ANSI/OEM Simplified Chinese (PRC, Singapore); Chinese Simplified (GB2312)
949 ks_c_5601-1987 ANSI/OEM Korean (Unified Hangul Code)
950 big5 ANSI/OEM Traditional Chinese (Taiwan; Hong Kong SAR, PRC); Chinese Traditional (Big5)
1250 windows-1250 ANSI Central European; Central European (Windows)
1251 windows-1251 ANSI Cyrillic; Cyrillic (Windows)
1252 windows-1252 ANSI Latin 1; Western European (Windows)
1253 windows-1253 ANSI Greek; Greek (Windows)
1254 windows-1254 ANSI Turkish; Turkish (Windows)
1255 windows-1255 ANSI Hebrew; Hebrew (Windows)
1256 windows-1256 ANSI Arabic; Arabic (Windows)
1257 windows-1257 ANSI Baltic; Baltic (Windows)
1258 windows-1258 ANSI/OEM Vietnamese; Vietnamese (Windows)
Comments (2)

  1. Per Mildner says:

    I do not think that windows-874 is the "same as 28605, ISO 8859-15". ISO 8859-15 (a.k.a Latin-9) is not a Thai code page.

  2. I pulled the descriptions from  I’m guessing its a typo and meant 8859-11.  I’ll remove it though.

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