Custom Locale Builder Tool Beta Now Available!

[NOTE: 31 July 2007, the tool is available again at its new URL:]

The Microsoft Locale Builder Tool Beta 2 is now available for download.  This requires Vista to run.

If you're interested in custom locale data or locales that aren't supported by Microsoft, I'd encourage you to download the tool and take a look at custom locales.  I've previously blogged about custom locales, and its been possible to create your own with Microsoft.Net V2.0, but the Locale Builder tool makes it a lot easier.

Let me know how this tool works for you, and thanks to the Locale Builder team for making it happen!

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  1. sa_tabrizi says:

    Hrllo dear

    Im Saeed Tabrizi from Iran, Tehran . +3:30 GMT

    the microsoft Local builder is now unavailable .

    If you have any package (beta or … ) please send it to my E-mail with this :

    I want to put persian calendar(known by JalaliCalendar) in Persian Culture (known by fa-IR)  exactly .

    Please Help me How to Change It .

    with regards and thanks .

    Saeed Tabrizi

  2. I’m sorry, but U.S. law doesn’t allow me or Microsoft to help you due to the U.S. Trade Sanctions.

  3. I would dearly love to get the Custom Locale Builder Tool.

    I need to build some locales for Ladakh, Bhutan and other Himalayan regions that use Tibetan script but are not part of the People’s Republic of China.  (The only Tibetan-script locale that ships in Vista is Tibetan/PRC.)

    Would you be so kind as to email me the package at

    Thanks & best regards,

    Robert Chilton

    New York, USA

  4. Davood says:

    Dear sir/modom

    I am Davood from malaysia, please let me know how can i use farsi language in my lap top (with windows 7)

    I need to write some letter in persian laguage but windows 7 can not support it,

    thanks in advance


  5. CFynn says:

    Microsoft Locale Builder appears not to work under Windows 7 – is there a way to get it to work or some alternative?

    – Chris

    Thimphu, Bhutan

  6. Right click the installer & pick properties, then the compatibility tab and say to run for previous versions.  Alternatively you can use the .Net 4.0 CultureAndRegionInfoBuilder class to build locales.  Win7 supports "neutral" locales, but Locale Builder does not, so the CultureAndRegionInfoBuilder might be better

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