Microsoft Internationalized Domain Names (IDN) Mitigation APIs 1.0 Released

Today we posted some APIs that convert to & from IDN Punycode, provide some mitigation functionality for those APIs, and provide Unicode Normalization support.

See the documentation included with the download for details, but this could help apps that need IDN or normalization functionality.  Managed apps should of course use the .Net v2.0 String.Normalize() and IdnMapping classes 🙂

5 Jan 2006 - See for notes on loading the dll.

Comments (2)

  1. I came across this site while trying to solve a problem that occurred when two recent MS updates were downloaded to my computer.  They were Microsoft Internationalized Domain Names Mitigation APIs and Microsoft National Language Support Downlevel APIs.  After they were downloaded to my PC, I was unable to access my outlook.  the error message said "unable to open your default e-mail folders"  no options but to click OK.  I have been in contact with MS support and with their help I now have access to my email, calendar and contacts, but I can no longer print from outlook nor can I use an internet link that is part of my email. Example; I can no longer access the publications I subscribe to via email.  

    Can you please tell me why 1) I would need the two above updates (neither of these programs was on my pc before this download) and 2) how do I get my outlook functionality back to normal?

    I am not a techie, so please keep your reply in  non-technical terms.

    Thank you,

    Freda Ramirez

  2. Those two items don’t do anything "by themselves", I’m guessing that some other application installed them to try to do something.  I’m not really a good support person though.  Are you using Vista or XP?

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