Windows Phone 8.1

Hey up, long time no blog… At the Build conference this week we announced what I’ve been working on for the last while: Windows Phone 8.1.  It’s full of cool new stuff, but my contribution was deep in the entrails of the operating system, converging the graphics stack between Phone and desktop Windows and making…


DirectXTK now does audio as well as graphics

While I’ve been distracted working on the next version of Windows Phone, Chuck has been busy adding features to the DirectX Tool Kit.  New in the Dec 24th release: DirectXTK for Audio Xbox One platform support MakeSpriteFont tool updated with more progress feedback when capturing large fonts Minor updates for .SDKMESH Model loader Fixed bug…


SimpleMath is now part of the DirectX ToolKit

Just a quick note to let y’all know that the SimpleMath header has been merged into the DirectX Tool Kit on CodePlex.


DirectXTK now supports loading and drawing 3D models

Chuck, awesome fellow that he is, has been slaving away on a 3D model loading solution for the DirectX Tool Kit.  Documentation here.  I won’t bother to repeat all the details in this post, but as a quick summary: This is an implementation of a mesh renderer similar to the XNA Game Studio Model, ModelMesh,…


Where should SimpleMath live?

Feb 2013 update: in response to overwhelming popular opinion, SimpleMath has now been merged into the DirectX Tool Kit on Codeplex. — I am curious what folks think is the right long term home for the SimpleMath helper code? A post on my blog is fine The MSDN code gallery Merge it into DirectXTK  (seems…


SimpleMath – a simplified wrapper for DirectXMath

Feb 2013 update: SimpleMath has now been merged into the DirectX Tool Kit on Codeplex. — SimpleMath, created by my colleague Chuck Walbourn, is a header file that wraps the DirectXMath SIMD vector/matrix math API with an easier to use C++ interface.  It provides the following types, with similar names, methods, and operator overloads to…


A brewing puzzle: solution

Kudos to Clayton, mantis, and MannekinPis, who were on the right track about how to make beer in 17th century Germany.  The trick to exactly hitting arbitrary temperatures without a thermometer lies in the fact that boiling water is always 212 °F. Ice is not relevant here, though.  For one thing, ice does not have…


A brewing puzzle

Warning: this post is not about programming.  Andy suggested I should sneak some homebrewing material onto my blog, and I thought hmm, why not?  If you violently object, let me know in the comments and I won’t do it again 🙂 Yesterday I brewed a traditional German hefeweizen, which was the first time I tried…


Debugging Direct3D programs: a taxonomy of error conditions

Eric Lippert wrote a fantastic article that categorizes C# exceptions into four categories: Exogenous exceptions occur due to the messy nature of reality.  Filesystems can run out of space.  Network connections can drop.  These things are rare, but they do happen and robust code needs to be ready to deal with them. Boneheaded exceptions, as…


Catalin Zima on converting textures to .dds

Catalin has a great article on how to convert textures to .dds format, which is the most efficient way to load images for use with Direct3D.  He describes how to integrate the texconv tool (from DirectXTex) into Visual Studio using MSBuild, so textures can be automatically converted every time you build your project. There’s lots…