Free e-book by Charles Petzold

Check this out.

It's a book.

It's about programming Windows Phone using Silverlight and XNA.

It's by a hero of mine.

And it's a free download!


Comments (4)

  1. Steve Williams says:

    There must be a secret API he uses.  I don't see any Texture2D.FromSteam() method that he references on page 799.  I didn't realise MS had a developer relationship with Valve's online service. 🙂

    Aside from me nit-picking about typos, it's a great book for anyone starting out on Windows Phone 7.

  2. Tijmen says:

    Stream != Steam 🙂 Well spotted!

  3. Michael Hansen says:

    i go download right away , thanks shawn

    shawn can you tell us about azure cloud service and xna , on these fit together

    pehaps do a demo

    a highscore clouds service, just a sample and it shood run on the windows phone 7 with push back

    i cant sems to find info , on the clouds think

    thanks as allways , for some nice blogs post

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