Sneak preview of my PDC talk

When I read the Swallows and Amazons books as a kid, I loved the "this is what it looked like at night" illustration, which was a page colored solid black.

Years later, I finally found an excuse to use this classic image in a PowerPoint deck:



Would you believe this actually makes sense in the context of my upcoming PDC talk?

To find out how, you'll just have to watch it  (live streaming from

Comments (5)

  1. Hassan Selim says:

    My guess is that this slide is a demonstration for how the screen will look like when you write graphics.IsFullScreen = true in the Initialize mthod and GraphicsDevice.Clear(Color.Black) in the Draw method and run the game 😀

  2. Chris says:

    Its the fact that you NEED to call spriteBatch.Draw() within 5 seconds of loading.  Marketplace rules 🙂

  3. Frode Aarebrot says:

    I'm guessing it's a "let's break for some code examples" slide…

    You should have a slide that's Cornflower Blue.

    On a curious side note, do you prepare for PDC talks in your spare time? The screenshot is of Office 2007, and I would assume that as a Microsoft employee you'd have 2010 at work… No?

  4. ShawnHargreaves says:

    "spare time"? Afraid I know no such concept 🙂

    I do spend some work hours on presentations like this, but I do these things in addition to my regular day job so that usually leads to long days in the office!

    I have no idea why I'm still using Office 2007. I guess it works for me so I just never bothered to upgrade 🙂

  5. Michael Hansen says:

    This is great , just what i allways wanted ,

    silverlight for user interface and xna for the game

    shawn does this meen that there are allso comming custrum shaders , please


    and again thanks for the best game framework in the world, and that is true


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