3D math: temporarily on hold

I was going to finish up these 2D vs. 3D posts by linking to some articles about vector math. But upon looking for good articles to link to, I found myself thinking "ho hum, I could do better than that". So I want to write more about this stuff. Gonna be busy elsewhere for the next while, though, so I'm putting this topic temporarily on hold.

Comments (5)

  1. Great. The lasts posts have been pretty interesting.

  2. Baqueta says:

    They’re more focused on collision detection than general vector maths, but the collision from the folks over at Metanet software (they made N and N+) are really well written:


  3. Rim says:

    I always thought this to be a nice vector math primer:


  4. 3d scanning says:

    Can you please send me details of your article

  5. noman says:

    need that article up!

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