Going to GDC?


San Francisco.

Game Developers Conference.

If you're there on Monday, I'm doing a couple of talks.

If you arrive later in the week, or are busy on Monday (what? Too busy to learn about networking and framework performance? Shame on you!!!) I'll be around and would love to meet up with any XNA'ers.

Comments (6)

  1. tronster says:

    Thanks for the notice on speaking.  Looking forward to GDC this year, and hope to be attending your XNA talks.

  2. CatalinZima says:

    GDC would be nice, but it’s too far.

    I’m looking forward for the talks, if you’ll make them available after GDC.

  3. RenaudBedard says:

    I’ll be there for the IGF, but I’ll make sure to attend the XNA talks!

  4. Ultrahead says:

    Would love to attend but no this year. I concurr with Catalin’s solicitude (some formal!). Btw, Catalin, congrats for winning again in Ziggy’s holiday article compo!

    "XNA’ers" … hummm, I should have registered that 😉


  5. Ultrahead says:

    Good luck with your talks!

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