Looks like the talk abstracts for the upcoming GameFest conference have been published, and yours truly somehow got signed up to give a talk and a half. I only actually volunteered for one, but then Mitch suckered me into helping out with his 🙂

This event is mostly focused on professional game developers, but even if you can't attend in person it should be a good week for news. In fact the enterprising reader could probably make a good guess what I'm working on right now just from reading the abstracts! (but don't tell anyone: it's a secret until August 13...)

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  1. Somersault says:

    All those talks look extremely interesting! I wish I could attend. Especially the networking aspect coming in v2.0.

    Is there any chance that GameFest will come to London/Europe? The cost is a bit steep, but I think I would beg and borrow to attend.

  2. Kawe says:

    All those descriptions make me wonder what Americans mean with "holiday 2007". Is that Christmas or what? Since Shawn mentioned August 13 I’m guessing end of summer?

    God, all these teasers :p

    Man, this looks really interesting though.

  3. JLarkin says:

    "Holiday 2007" is when Express 2.0 comes out, I guess, and yes, that means Christmas time.

    August 13th refers to when GameFest 2007 occurs.

  4. errolian says:

    Any chance these presentations will be captured and made available for download?  I’d love to attend each one of the XNA talks, but can’t get there from UK at that time.

  5. CatalinZima says:

    This is GREAT news. I can’t wait to see what XNA Game Studio 2.0 contains, besides networking.

    And all the other talks sound very interesting. Last year, the slides were available after Gamefest, so I hope this year it will be the same

  6. ohh wow this is exciteing news! Thanks alot to you Shawn and all the other guys on the xna team. I wasnt expecting version 2 so soon 🙂 Id like to second the need for all the talks to be filmed and put on the net, the might make for great creators club content!

    Id love to actualy go to gamefest, but im just a poor student living in the uk, so its completely over my budget 😛

  7. CGomez says:

    Man I wish I could go.  I am just a hobbyist but I am so excited about XNA and I am trying to learn as fast as I can.  I also figure while it would be nice to be at Gamefest, I can probably afford to wait for slide decks and details to emerge later.

  8. Ultrahead says:

    Hi Shawn, great news!

    One question: I remember a while back, if I remember well -correct me if I’m wrong, that there existed some plans to integrate MapZone’s procedural texture system into XNA GSE. As I’ve been "out-of-my-home-office" for almost the past 2 months, and didn’t find it in the abstracts, I need to ask: has these been addressed for v2?

  9. Emmanuel Deloget says:

    Damned. I still have to wait for a few days before I can speak about that on But that’s still cool to see that you’re working on something really special – although I don’t have much details 😉

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