There are some seriously talented people out there

Today we announced the five winning games from the Dream-Build-Play warm up competition.

I have to admit being a little nervous as to what this was going to
turn up. With only a couple of weeks development time, plus the
restriction of having to base everything on the Spacewar starter kit,
how much would people really be able to achieve? I hoped we'd get at
least a couple of decent entries, but wasn't about to bet on it.

Come Thursday night, I found myself glued to the screen in the
meeting room next door to my office, watching the judges work through
the enormous pile of entries. Wow. I wish we'd had more than five
prizes to give out, because there were simply too many great things to
choose between.

Some people kept the space setting, while others just used pieces of
the Spacewar code, but what really blew me away was how imaginative and
fun the resulting games were (and in more than one case, visually and
technically stunning as well). These are not just clones or remakes,
but contain some truly original ideas which I'd never come across

I decided to work on XNA because I believed there was a pool of
talent and creativity out there, waiting for the right opportunity to
unleash it. I think I may just have been proven right.

You guys rock!

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