Building XNA content without using C# Express

Way back in November I blogged about how to use MSBuild to run your own content build, bypassing the C# Express user interface.

I only recently noticed the XCB project on Codeplex, which does exactly that and provides a nice looking user interface for setting up your assets, adding pipeline assemblies, choosing importers and processors and so on.

Comes with source code, too, so you can see how they did it...

Comments (2)

  1. DrDeth says:

    I was just wondering how to get content into a windows app when I happened across your blog – very cool! – but in neither of your posts do you mention how you’d actually use the compiled content, or is it just a matter of dropping the xcb files into the same folder as the exe?

  2. ShawnHargreaves says:

    Exactly. The build process will create XNB files in whatever directory you tell it the output is, and then your game can use ContentManager.Load to read them from there, just like it normally would. This doesn’t necessarily even have to be the same place where your executable lives, because you can point the ContentManager at any directory you like when you construct it.

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