Visual Studio 10 Security Tab Changes

Kris Makey, who works on the Visual Studio team, has written up a good blog post about the changes you’ll see on the security tab in Visual Studio 10 when it comes to editing permission sets.  He covers what the changes are, and some of the reasons why we worked with the Visual Studio team…


Column Guides in Visual Studio

A lot of coding guidelines specify the maximum length for a line of code. For instance in the CLR, we like to keep lines of code under 110 characters long. Visual Studio has a feature which lets you display a vertical line at the column of your choosing to help visually see when a line…


Visual Studio Tip: Editing Project Files

Earlier I mentioned tweaking project files — something that a lot of people do just by opening the project file up in Notepad and tweaking it.  Although it’s a bit hard to discover, you can actually do this right within Visual Studio 2005, saving you from switching between applications, and more importantly buying you color coding…


Sharing a Strong Name Key File Across Projects

v2.0 of the .NET Framework deprecated the use of the AssemblyKeyFileAttribute and AssemblyKeyContainerAttribute.  Often times, these attributes were used to share a common key file across several projects. If you try to share key files using the Visual Studio 2005 <Browse …> function on the signing property page, you’ll find that the key file is…


SN v2.0 Works With PFX Files

One enhancement to the v2.0 SN tool that may not get noticed right away is that it now has the ability to work with PKCS #12 PFX files in addition to SNK files.  The logic here is that a self signed certificate stored in a PFX file is the moral equivalent of an SNK key,…


Debugging Lightweight CodeGen in VS

Haibo just posted about his debugger visualizer for dynamic methods.  This is a pretty sweet piece of code for anyone who uses lightweight code generation and needs to debug the code they’ve emitted.  Basically it adds a visualizer to DynamicMethod objects that enables you to dump out the IL of that method.  (He also explains…


New Security Features in Visual Studio 2005

Brian Johnson has a new article on MSDN about New Security Features in Visual Studio 2005.  Definitely worth a read — he covers a lot of area, from Application Verifier, to ClickOnce, to PermCalc, right on down to unit testing.


A Closer Look at the Simple Sandboxed AppDomain

Yesterday we took a look at Whidbey’s new Simple Sandboxing API.  At first glance this API does seem relatively simple, however when you start to look closer at the AppDomain that is created for your sandboxed code, there are a few surprising properties. You might expect that under the covers this API is doing the…


Profiling Signed Assemblies

Ian Huff has an entry today about the problems you’ll run into when using Visual Studio Team System to profile assemblies that have a strong name signature.  He walks through the steps necessary to cause Visual Studio to resign your assemblies after they have been instrumented by the profiler.  It’s a good page to bookmark…


Beta 2, Get Yer Beta 2

As I’m sure most of you have seen by now, today we announced the availability of Visual Studio 2005 Beta 2 and SQL Server 2005 April Community Tech Preview.  The release is a huge step over the old beta 1 bits, and can be found on MSDN. One of the nicer aspects of the beta…