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Having just checked in my last few bug fixes and the Orcas feature I've been working on, it's time to take off on a vacation.

But not just any vacation ... Tomorrow I head back to New York for my wedding on August 12th.  (Here's hoping that it cools down before I get there.  Big church - air conditioning + 100 degree heat + me in a tux != good times)

After a quick night Seattle on the 13th to swap wedding luggage for honeymoon luggage, we head off for a two weeks of sitting on the sand drinking tropical drinks, learning to surf, and eating lots of pineapple. (And I do mean lots of pineapple).  We'll spend 4 days in Kauai, 4 days on Oahu, and 6 on Maui catching a couple of luaus along the way.   Did I mention that our hotel on Maui has a 150 foot long water slide?

That means that this blog is going quiet until early September; but once I get back we'll continue with our regularly scheduled managed security content ... just in a more tan and less single fashion.


Comments (6)

  1. Blake05 says:

    Congrats, And good luck with the wedding and have a safe flight 🙂

  2. dominick says:

    Hey Shawn,

    congrats! Have fun!

  3. Kevin Dente says:

    If you’re not a Maui regular, I recommend picking up a copy of Maui Unleashed. Lots of good stuff in there. I highly recommend the Olivene Pools.


  4. Thanks 🙂

    First Hawaii trip, so definately not a regular.  I’ve actually got Maui, Kauai, and Oahu Unleashed — they’ve been great for planning the trip.


  5. bk says:

    You call that a waterslide?  🙂  Okay, the lava tube part sounds really cool if a bit painful.  But seriously… have fun!

  6. Paul Douglas says:

    This is the funniest blog title I’ve ever seen in my life.

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