Browsing the SSCLI in Visual Studio

I've attached a simple Visual Studio 2005 project that I use for browsing the SSCLI v2 source tree.  (Once you've downloaded it, rename the file to remove the .txt extension). The project is good for browsing, however it will not build or debug the SSCLI -- you still need to run the bundled scripts for that.  However, even a browse only project works well for me, since there's a ton of code there, and I find being able to use some of Visual Studio's source navigation functions makes working with the code much nicer and more manageable.

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  1. Check this post, I agree that this is super useful for browsing the source.

  2. Gabriel Michaud says:

    The attached file is 0 bytes!

  3. Sam Gentile says:

    I had a nice New and Notable yesterday but the web ate it – I hate having done an hour’s worth of work…

  4. Andrew says:

    Attach has size == 0.

    Can you reattach it?

  5. John Tayer says:

    This file is empty.

    Please check.

  6. I’ve update the link so that it should download better now.  The new server won’t serve .vcproj files, so it’s been renamed .vcproj.txt — you’ll have to rename it back to .vcproj once you’ve downloaded it.



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  8. B# .NET Blog says:


    Time for some cool .NET 2.0 feature that might prove useful in some scenarios: string interning….

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