As Jason announces, v2.0 of the SSCLI is now available for download:

In addition to general CLR features like generics that are available in this download, some interesting security points to look at are:

  • Transparency (sscli20\clr\src\vm\securitytransparentassembly.cpp)

  • Revamped compressed stack (sscli20\clr\src\vm\newcompressedstack.cpp)

  • New declarative security metadata format (sscli20\clr\src\vm\securitydeclarative.cpp)

And of course our general security perf work is here too.  For those interested in how this mscorwks thing works ... time to get downloading 🙂


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  1. In case you haven’t already heard from every other blogger (like Shawn, JasonZ and Brad) , V2.0 of the…

  2. Pop Catalin Sever says:

    Aren’t there any VS projects freely available for sscli ? or just make files

  3. The SSCLI builds with the NT build system, driven by Build.exe.  This release doesn’t include any VS projects, although it should be relatively easy to create one from the existing source code.


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  5. lucense says:

    well, and SSCLI20 for FreeBSD???


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