APTCA and Custom Attributes

Haibo just posted an excellent article about what happens when you use reflection to get a custom attribute across trust boundaries.  The specific situation he talks about is when you have:

  1. A fully trusted assembly defining a custom attribute

  2. A partially trusted assembly containing that attribute in its metadata

  3. A fully trusted assembly reflecting over the partial trust assembly

It’s another case where APTCA can bite you if you’re not careful … and in this case the behavior might be quite surprising.  Definitely worth a read.

Comments (2)

  1. Peter says:

    When your RSS feed is posting via ".NET Framework Featured Blogs", I get broken links. This page links to blogs.msdn.com, but the links in the RSS body are msdn.microsoft.com.

    RSS from your site directly is good.

  2. shawnfa says:

    Hmm, thanks for reporting that Peter.  I’ll forward it on to the MSDN admin to take a look.