New and Improved Security in the .NET Framework 2.0

To add to our other lists of "What's New in Whidbey Security", Rudolph Araujo and Shanit Gupta have a nice roundup of new security features posted on the Microsoft .NET Framework Developer Center.  They've got them categorized, summarized, and provide links for more details.  Seems like this is a good candidate for a bookmark for the next time you're wondering how that new feature works -- or even if that new feature exists 🙂

Updated 2:36 PM - Fixed link

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  1. DavidMKean says:

    The link fo the new security features is prefixed with the MSDN blog url.

  2. Thanks David … I’ve updated it.


  3. chris seary says:

    My company has produced a white paper on changes to security in .Net Framework 2.0

    It’s mainly aimed at trying to entice those who are still working with VB 6.0/ASP to move to .Net.

    Some of the ideas have been used in a large enterprise level project at Microsoft TVP in the UK. I gave a talk at the recent Developer Developer Developer day on this paper.

    The site is:

    the white paper is called:

    Security Solutions Offered by Visual Studio .Net 2005 (Whidbey)

    and it’s available for free!

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