Tour the CLR Security Team

Mike and I have been spending time this week meeting with the Visual Developer Security MVPs  -- having plenty of discussion about what we can do in future releases of the framework and how CAS relates to some of the rest of Microsoft's products.  It's been good finally getting to put faces to people that we've exchanged volumes of email with in the past.

Channel 9 has put up a tour of the CLR security team so that everyone else can meet us too 🙂  Mike leads the tour that includes:

Time Who Topics
0:00 Charlie Kaufman LUA, ClickOnce, Code Verification
19:47 A certain familiar member of the security team 😉 Simple Sandboxing API, some ClickOnce
24:39 Guillermo Proano X509, some transparency
32:22 Raja Krishnaswamy Transparency, writing partial trust libraries
44:10 Tarik Soulami AppDomainManager, Visual Studio Debug in Zone, Visual Studio SecurityException enhancements, VSHost.exe

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