Heading to New York

Now that I've resolved the broken computer problem, and am all set up to blog again, I'm off  to New York until July 11th.  (Well, actually I've been in New York since June 29th, but things were pretty hectic getting ready to leave, so I wasn't able to get this up until today).  I'm in New York with my fiancée so that we can figure out all the logistics of our wedding -- we've got to book reception halls, photographers, videographers, and other such things during this next week.  In fact, pretty much every day is booked solid with appointments to meet various people.  So I'm not sure it'll be the most relaxing vacation in the world, but hopefully we can get a lot done and cross quite a few things off of our check list before we head back to Seattle.

The first day back from being away is generally a day of sorting through the thousands of emails generated during the off time, so I'd expect that I'll be able to get back to my regularly scheduled postings toward the middle of that week.

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