A New Machine

About 2 weeks ago my main office machine died, taking with it all of my current work, and my blog post information.  Getting the replacement to my office, setup, and running has been, well, a somewhat interesting saga involving lost emails, delayed deliveries, and missing drivers.  But, as of about 10:00 this morning I'm back to full operational status 🙂 (and able to start posting to the blog again)

The new machine is a dual AMD Opteron machine, which means that 64 bit processors in my office now outnumber their 32 bit counterparts 4-3.  I'd worked with x64 Windows on my secondary machine before, so I was pretty unsurprised at how seamless getting up and running was.  It's nice how for the most part everything just works, either as a 32 bit process running in the WOW, or for many applications as native 64 bit processes.  The only application that I had on my old machine that I can't get on this one is v1.0 of the CLR, which won't install by design -- you'll need v1.1 in the WOW or v2.0 (which installs both a 64 and 32 bit build).

Anyway, no interesting posts for today, but starting next week I'll be back in business .... until I take off for New York on Thursday 🙂

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  1. Now that I’ve resolved the broken computer problem, and am all set up to blog again, I’m off  to…

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