Home for the Holidays

I'm going to be on vacation until the end of December, so this blog will be going dark for about a week and a half.  It'll be nice to get away for a while, especially since I haven't taken a vacation since last December ... I'm definitely looking forward to some time off.  On the other hand, weather.com tells me that it's about 15 degrees colder in New York than it is here now ... there's something to be said for staying out of freezing weather and snow.

Hopefully while I'm away, I won't be checking my work email, and if I do, I certainly don't want to see hundreds of comment spams that need attention, so until I get back, I'm going to have to enable comment moderation.  And since I'm going to try really hard to try not to check my mail, any comments posted after the end of the day today will probably not show up for 10 or so days.   I really don't like having moderation enabled though, so when I get back, I'll turn it off again.

Until then, Happy holidays everyone 🙂

Comments (2)

  1. Wallym says:

    Hope u have a good holiday/vacation/timeoff.


  2. Alan says:

    have a great trip. I look forward to seeing your new information when you return! Excellent Security Blog site!

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