Programming Language Evolution and Text on Potato Chips

I ran across Eric Levenez's Programming Language History page, its pretty fun to check out.  He's got 50 programming languages starting from Fortran in 1954, going through PHP 4.36 in May 2004 plotted according to release dates and languages they evolved from.  The only managed languages I can find are C# and VB.Net, though he does list JScript and C++, he doesn't include their managed compilers.  He also lists Java, but not J#.  But I guess when limiting yourself to 50 languages, you have to make choices along the way.

On a totally unrelated topic, Pringles has developed technology to enable printing trivia questions on their potato chips in either red or blue.  Ahh, the wonders of modern technology. (I could only find one picture of these, and its not of the best quality.  I'll update if I can find a better one.)

Comments (1)

  1. Dave Summers says:

    Wow, Javas roots are seriously wrong.

    So I guess you could say C#’s roots are incorrect also.

    It’s also interesting to note that 7 of the 10 languages with leaves in 2003, are dynamic languages. Hmmm

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