New Microsoft Crypto Newsgroup

We've just launched a brand new newsgroup,,  for questions and issues on all crypto related items (such as CAPI, CAPICOM, X509, etc).  It was launched at about 11:00am this morning, so it may be some time before your news server sees it (for instance Google hasn't picked it up yet).

Comments (4)

  1. Will ‘’ be obsolete? There was a post to ‘’ today kind of implying this?

  2. Kevin Moore says:

    "I encourage you to post all crypto

    related issues in the new "" newsgroup."

    As any person working in security will tell you, crypto is a small part of the set of things related to security.

  3. Shawn says:

    Kevin’s correct. will be for information on cryptography, while is sticking around for other security discussion.

  4. The reason I was asking is that if you look at the subjects discussed in ‘’ then majority of them are related to general certification issues, CAPI, CAPICOM, SSL, TLS etc. Therefore after reading this newsgroup for a quite long time my perception was that this is a newsgroup dedicated to crypto & friends. Apparently this isn’t a case.

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