ClickOnce Overview in May’s MSDN Magazine

ClickOnce made the cover of the May 2004 issue of MSDN Magazine.

 May 2004 MSDN cover

(OK, yes, it was just a little blurb at the bottom of the cover, but that still counts!).  Bryan Noyes gives a nice general overview of what you can do with ClickOnce in the article, and steps through several versions of an application showing the update features, how to have VS 2005 create and publish manifests for you, and even a little bit about my favorite part, permission elevation.  It's worth a read to see what this ClickOnce thing is all about, since this is the most detailed overview article I've seen written on it yet.

The next time you see a drop of Whidbey, I'll have a lot more to say about some new ClickOnce features that are being added.

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