Whidbey Tech Preview

So by now probably everyone's heard that we've released a technical preview of Whidbey to atendees of VS Live, alpha previewers, and MSDN subscribers.  I'm pretty excited about this, since I'm now free to blog about the changes in the areas I own that have been updated, including XML Encryption, XML DSig, and of course ClickOnce (which has seen some pretty major changes since the PDC).

For anyone lucky enough to get their hands on the preview, you should keep in mind that we've made no quality guarantees about the release, so there will be bugs.  MSDN's set up a Visual Studio 2005 Development Center, and we'll also be providing support in our blogs, and on the newsgroups (the microsoft.private.whidbey.* newsgroups).  You might also want to check out the VS 2005 Readme.

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