XML Encryption in .Net

One of the new features being introduced with the Whidbey version of the .Net framework is XML encryption.  XML Encryption allows you to encrypt arbitrary data, and have the result be an XML element.  Much as XML digital signatures are driven through the SignedXml class, this feature is driven through the new EncryptedXml class.  In…


ClickOnce and Security

From reading some of my other posts, you can see that most of the information available on ClickOnce is about the deployment features — generally skimming right over the security features.  I’d like to point out one of the security features of ClickOnce — permission elevation. Permission elevation allows a ClickOnce application to specify that…


XML Digital Signatures in .Net

The .Net framework has built in support for signing XML files with an XML digital signature.  Here’s a sample of how to create and verify an enveloped digital signature using these classes. There are three types of XML digital signatures: Enveloped – The signature is contained within the document it is signing Enveloping – The…


Custom Security Object Samples

Currently, there are no samples on MSDN for creating custom security objects.  However, the SSCLI ships with implementations for all of the built in security objects that shipped with the .Net framework 1.0.  This source can be used as a sample to help along with custom security object creation.  The Universita Di Pisa has posted…


Another ClickOnce Article

Here’s another ClickOnce article to come out of the PDC: ClickOnce to Debut in Whidbey.  This one is also pretty high level, and doesn’t touch much of the security aspects.