Text Filter Web part is not working SharePoint 2013

Consider the following scenario  if you are using text filter web part connected to document library . you click the arrow to filter values in the document library t, the Web Part for the document library doesn't filter the results on the page for the values as expected
1- Edit the page
2- Edit the document library web part
3- on the left menu expand the Miscellaneous section and select the Server Render check box.
4- Save your changes.
Comments (3)

  1. sharepoint online training says:

    Great stuff again. Thanks for making time to write these articles. You will be my number one resource, Looking forward to more articles..


  2. Popky says:

    This Solution Messed Up My Propagation Links, instead of check “Server Render” was helpful check “Disable view selector menu” also in Miscellaneous. – Sharepoint Online

  3. Jai says:

    Great…..My text filder web part was not working with single click. After using your solution its working in single click. Thanks. But still all values not showing even i clear text field. Pls advise.

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